Services [What we do]

Crew Recruiting

We supply a wide range of crews for Chemical Tankers, Oil Tankers, Bulk Carriers and other Cargo Ships. As we like to tailor the requirements of our clients, we make sure to supply the right person to the right place. Therefore, the systematic procedure come into play in our recruitment and selection process.


Recruiting Procedure

Crew Training

We place our commitment on developing and maintaining a pool of well-qualified crew members. It is for this reason, we establish our own training centre with the intention of supplying qualified seafarers with comparable international standard of quality and professional skills.

Our training programme focuses on :

  • ISM based Pre-boarding Briefings
  • Safety and Shipboard Familiarization
  • Communicative English for Seamen

Ticketing Service

KTM Yangon ticketing agency has been established since 2010 in Yangon, Myanmar. As KTM Yangon is one of the successful shipping companies, we well know that joining the vessels or delivering the crews to the respective vessels is very important. For this reason, we start functioning as a ticket agent for all the seafarers who join the different vessels in different parts of the world. As we love to render our ultimate service to our clients, we train our staff with full exposure in the line of ticketing which leads to the establishment of KTM Yangon ticketing agency. Moreover, we also provide the service like applying visas along with the ticket sales. We offer the fastest service via telephone, fax and email . One of the advantages of using our service is that of door-to-door system which surely makes our customers convenient at right time.


Our Business Scope

  • Crew Recruiting
  • Crew Training
  • Air Ticketing Services