History of KTM

Our KTM Yangon Co.,Ltd. has been established since November 2009 and registered at S.E.C.D (Seaman Employment Control Division). KTM Yangon Training Center gets DMA(Department of Marine Administriation) approval on Jan 2012 to give OOW (Officers On Watch), Deck and Engine ratings training courses. All the certificates issued by our Training Centre are endorsed by DMA. Not only to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our company operations, but also to comply with MLC 2006 regulations, we, KTM Yangon, is certified to ISO\'s Management System Standards.

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Library & Recreation Centre

KTM libaries Image

We provide the library to equip our crew members with a lot of knowledge and skills required for their respective positions...

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Training Opportunities

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We currently offer BST( Basic Safety Training), Pre-sea trainings for all ratings. We are already approved to give training on OOW (officers on watch) by DMA.Our well experienced and qualified instructors ....

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Our Business Scope

  • Crew Recruiting
  • Crew Training
  • Air Ticketing Services

Fresh Work

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